Breastfeeding is natural… and learned.

A breastfeeding class is a great way to begin your breastfeeding and parenting journey with confidence.

Taking a breastfeeding class before your baby arrives is one of the most helpful things you can do to prepare.

A class can help you sort out truth from myth, especially if you’re finding the information online to be confusing. What’s normal? How can we tell if things are going well? How do I know when I need skilled help? A good breastfeeding class can equip you to begin your breastfeeding journey with confidence!

I teach breastfeeding classes at two local hospitals, as well as at Elevation Health in SE Denver. I also can provide private classes on request.

I teach breastfeeding education in multiple locations:

At Elevation Health

I teach Breastfeeding Multiples bi-monthly, as well as offering Breastfeeding Preparation and Breastfeeding & Back-to-Work on request. These classes are offered on Saturdays.

At Medical Center of Aurora

I teach Breastfeeding Preparation on the 2nd Monday of each month. You can find more information on the Medical Center of Aurora website.

At Swedish Medical Center

I teach a breastfeeding class monthly. You can find more information at the Swedish Medical Center website.

Interested in a private in-home breastfeeding class? Contact me to schedule!

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