I love working with families and am so grateful for their trust and feedback.

I almost gave up breast-feeding, but then I met Ana.

I cannot say enough good things about Ana and the services she provides. I was a new mom with a premature baby trying to figure out how to breast-feed. My son had trouble latching and gaining weight, he was jaundiced and I was engorged.

Ana made house calls, was available by phone or text, and helped me through a very hard and dark time in my life. I almost gave up breast-feeding, but then I met Ana. She helped me through every step until I felt comfortable on my own. Her approach is very gentle, personable, and compassionate. My son and I were able to successfully breast-feed for 13 months because of her. And when it came time for weaning, Ana was the first person I called for advice. She laid out a gentle step-by-step approach for us and it worked beautifully.

Thank you, Ana, we couldn’t have had such a beautiful & rewarding experience without you! We are forever grateful.

– Marie & baby Spencer

My family couldn’t be more thankful!

Ana, Thank you so much for all of your help with breastfeeding! My family couldn’t be more thankful! We have gone through some tough struggles with nursing but I am proud to say we have been very successful with your help! All of your advice has been wonderful and we couldn’t be where we are today with nursing if it weren’t for you!

– Abby Sampson & baby Maverik

Having her in our home on day two of our baby’s life was so great because we could be relaxed and at ease in our space.


Ana’s confidence and expertise coupled with her calming influence and love for new moms and babes is beyond all expectations. There is no experience more challenging than being a new mother and experiencing difficulties breastfeeding your child. Ana’s gift is balancing both the physical aspects of lactation with the major emotional aspects of it at the same time using education, experience, and a gentle kindness.

Having her in our home on day two of our baby’s life was so great because we could be relaxed and at ease in our space. She was an ongoing support for the next couple of weeks while we got everything working just as it should. Two years later, I don’t give Ana credit for the nursing relationship I have experienced with my little boy, but I know that is only because she empowered me to give myself the credit for meeting my parenting goal of breastfeeding.

– Skye & baby C

Ana is so patient, full of advice and a wealth of knowledge.

Baby is over 2 weeks old and not breastfeeding at all. Would only drink from the bottle. After home visit of 1.5 hours – Baby is breastfeeding, and has continued to feed that way. I can’t believe that I am able to breastfeed.

Ana is so patient, full of advice and a wealth of knowledge. So pleased that I didn’t give up on the idea of breast feeding. Highly recommend Ana. She was born to teach, she is so easy going, you feel like you’ve known her years and I felt so comfortable around her. She is very reassuring and life looked a lot more positive by the end of her visit. Ana is worth every penny!

– Ellen L.

She is a true gem and I would recommend her to anyone!

Ana is an amazing lactation consultant with an extensive amount of knowledge around breastfeeding. She has helped me on this journey more than anyone and has assisted me with all of the ups and downs from my baby not wanting to feed at all, to only wanting certain positions, to plugged ducts (ouch!), to scalding my milk (high lipase issue). Ana is currently helping me through the emotional and difficult process of weaning. She is a true gem and I would recommend her to anyone!

– NS & baby N

She made me instantly feel comfortable and that there was hope.

My husband and I are grateful for Ana and the help and support she gave us during such a difficult and scary time with our baby.

After our daughter born she was unable to latch the entire time we were in the hospital and we were bluntly told she had an underdeveloped jaw and should probably look at formula. I was never instructed to pump while I was in the hospital, so I wasn’t even sure I was producing anything. When we left the hospital with formula, my heart just broke. I was so scared that something was wrong with our baby and my dreams of nursing wouldn’t be possible. I had read everything in sight on breastfeeding prior to or daughter’s birth and knew that this was the most important gift I could giver her and that we needed help. My husband got in touch with Ana right a way.

When Ana came over she was so reassuring and warm. She made me instantly feel comfortable and that there was hope. Ana recommended a nipple shield which did wonders. Our daughter was able to latch onto the shield and nurse. It did take some time for our daughter to get into the swing of things with the shield but we kept at it. Ana also got me pumping to build up my supply and we were able to give her some breast milk through a bottle too.

A couple weeks later I was in a panic because I couldn’t find my shield and our daughter was irate. Without any other option I put her up to my breast and after quite a few attempts, she latched without the shield. I was beyond elated. I couldn’t believe it! I was actually nursing her the way I had always planned.

Throughout this entire process Ana has been very accessible and I was able to follow up with her regularly. She provided helpful recommendations and encouragement, all of which have brought us to where we are today. If someone would have told me that I would be nursing my baby I would’ve seriously doubted them based on the information the hospital gave us. I am grateful for the guidance and encouragement Ana gave us through this whole process. It was a rough and scary road and there were times I didn’t know if our daughter could physically do it, but we kept trying with each feeding and kept up the hope that it would all come together one day. I know I wouldn’t be breastfeeding if it weren’t for Ana. Her knowledge, genuine love of seeing success in her clients and encouragement are outstanding. She is hands down the best.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

– The Cooks

Ana was highly recommended to me by my doula and I can definitely see why.


Breastfeeding has always been extremely important to me and, during my pregnancy, I did a lot of research on how to make sure I was successful at it. With that in mind, it doesn’t always come as naturally as National Geographic would lead us to believe – and that is where you need a certified lactation consultant, and Ana is the only one you should even consider.

Ana was highly recommended to me by my doula and I can definitely see why. She is knowledgeable, attentive, intuitive, experienced and – most importantly – passionate about breastfeeding and babies! This is her purpose, and it shows in everything she does.

During my lengthy labor, birth and hospital stays, I must have worked with about 5 different lactation consultants. All were kind and tried to be helpful in some way, but none were able to provide me with the customized guidance that Ana did.

My baby had latch issues from the get-go (no sucking reflex at first) and would scream any time I tried to get her to latch. Ana was the only person to notice that, when you touched my baby’s neck and shoulders, she would scream in pain. She had the foresight to recommend a chiropractic evaluation for her and, sure enough, that’s exactly what she needed. As soon as we did that, she stopped screaming and latched happily.

When my baby was 6 days old, I was hospitalized with some post-partum complications. During my 3 days and nights in the cardiac ward, Ana was kind enough to text with me (at all hours) and give me guidance about the medications they were giving me and how that would affect my breastmilk. She also instructed me on how to keep my supply up despite being separated from my newborn for 3 days and being giving an intense diuretic. I am happy to report that my supply stayed up and our breastfeeding relationship was not compromised.

Ana’s many years of experience as a labor doula gives her an unparalleled understanding and knowledge base of women, babies and the relationship between them. She also has an incredible depth to her when it comes to how the family and social dynamic can make or break a breastfeeding relationship and how to handle those issues.

My baby is now 3 months old and we are still going strong with breastfeeding. My supply is still up, I am pumping in preparation to return to work in a week and I feel very confident that I will continue to breastfeed for at least a year, if not more. None of this would be possible had I not worked with Ana.

Breastfeeding is natural, yes, but it also has a learning curve to it for both mama and baby. Even if you don’t have any issues (tongue tie, supply, reflux, etc.) a consult with Ana should be one of the first things on your post-partum to-do list. Those moments when I am snuggled up nursing my baby girl are the best moments of my day and that is the gift that Ana gives every mother she works with. And it is priceless.

With gratitude,

– Adrienne Chagas

From our first phone call I knew we were in great hands.

We are incredibly lucky to have Ana Hill in our lives. You always expect some sort of fairy tale story coming home from the hospital with your little one. Hearing that your newborn is losing weight at an alarming rate and having painful breastfeedings isn’t something new parents can manage on their own.

Our Doula suggested reaching out to Ana Hill. From our first phone call I knew we were in great hands. Ana made herself available for a home visit in an already packed schedule and stayed for hours making sure we had the right plan in place for our little one to breastfeed.

Ana is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. She makes time for you and your family and connects with you on a really amazing level. Ana continues to be apart of our lives and is fantastic human and guide for anything baby related.

– Cat & Andrew

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