What type of breastfeeding support do I need?

Being a new parent can be mystifying! If you’re not sure exactly what kind of breastfeeding help you need, here is a comparison to help you sort out the difference between a consultation with an IBCLC and attending a breastfeeding support group in the Denver metro area:

Support Groups

  • weigh baby*
  • weighed feeding*
  • connect with other mothers
  • ask general questions
  • group discussion

*some hospital groups do not provide this service

Lactation Consultation

  • weigh baby
  • weighed feeding
  • oral exam of baby
  • personalized evaluation of latch, feeding volume, etc
  • detailed plan to address your needs
  • pumping evaluation if needed
  • referrals as appropriate

What happens at support group?

Your baby is weighed and nurses while I connect with each mother to answer questions. After feeding, your baby is weighed again to determine how much milk he/she received. (Remember that this is just a snapshot of a single feeding, so don’t take it TOO seriously if your baby decided to just have a snack.)

If several mothers have similar needs, we may discuss tips as a group. Topics frequently covered at support group include growth spurts, latch techniques, nursing positions, and other common questions.

Remember that if you are experiencing nipple damage, slow weight gain, a baby who will not latch, or other issues that require an exam or evaluation, you will need an individual consult to address your needs.

I cannot provide exams, evaluations, feeding plans, or other clinical assistance in a support group setting.

Rocky Mountain Lactation's Breastfeeding Support Group is on a temporary hiatus.

Join us for the virtual support group for Medical Center of Aurora, Tuesdays from 1pm to 2pm.

Connecting with the right support is a key component of your breastfeeding success!

I hope to see you and your baby at support group. Remember, if you are struggling with milk supply, nipple damage, a baby who will not latch, or you need an exam or feeding plan to help you achieve your goals, please book a consultation. If you have questions, please feel free to email me.

If you need to be seen immediately, please call for an emergency appointment.

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